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Jaesu - Innocent Man & Lucid Dream

please watch my new Jaesu videos ^^ same scenes, different songs

Jaesu - Zion

hey, I had some fun and made a new Jaesu video ^^

Jaesu - Seven Devils

Hallo ^_^

See what I've got, surprise surprise! Get ready to let your mind be blown away~


Okay, also ich habe meinen alten mixpod gelöscht und dachte es wäre mal Zeit für einen neuen, schaut euch ruhig um und genießt die Musik wenn ihr schon dabei seid. Nicht vergessen, meine community für Jaesu fics ist jaesu_zone

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Hi ^^
It's very late in the morning and I'm back from Junsu's concert in Oberhausen. Here's a (little) summary of all the things that I saw and that I didn't see.

To be honest I'm a bit disappointed with the concert and I'll tell you the reasons why. Since you guys know that last year I was in JYJ's concert in Berlin also, I can directly compare this one to a completely successful concert.

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Dear Cassies, JYJfans etc.!

It's time for some celebration! Though it hurts to think for what price, JYJ is finally and officially independent. The lawsuit is over! That one took me really by surprise when I read the news after I woke up first things first in the morning. I mean there wasn't even anything as much as a notice beforehand like it usually was some times before an official court day or arbitration meeting or anything the like! Wow. In case SM would have lost against JYJ, they would have owed JYJ a billion Won each if I remember correctly. Since that wasn't the case, I really really hope that SM paid them even a fraction of that, I hope JYJ didn't lose too much during the negotiations or the written agreement, as they put it in the news. But the main thing is that SM agreed not to disturb any of their activities anymore! Let's see if they keep that promise, though a part of me still doubts that and can't believe that. I will believe it when I see Jaejoong - or any of the other members - in Running Man - or any other show- like he wished for.
So let's have a party for now since this is some good news, we waited for this for more than 3 years, didn't we? ^^

KBEE ceremony 161112 JYJJaesu geonbae NII fanmeeting vid 191112tokyo friend park hug 3tokyo friend park hug

I'm sending you all a big hug!

jaesu three voices II hug 2

I will see some of you on Friday at Junsu's concert ^^


I had some old wool leftovers and knitted a hood with Yoochun's "Save the Children Campaign" video instructions. It may be ugly (haha) but well, that's how it turned out ^^ Problem is I don't know where to send it to now... Wish I could join the campaign. Why don't we i-fans gather some hoods/caps and send it somewhere else?

hat for STC (2)

Junsu's Concert in Germany

Hi ^^
I'm going to Junsu's Concert in Oberhausen on the 30th, any Jaesu fans who want to meet up there? If you're from Hamburg, contact me. I still don't know how to get there, let's go together :)


If you are a 2U fan, please pay attention!

As one of the new mods of yunchun_ywh I would like to welcome you to our very first


Click on the link above if you want to read more about it or even participate! Spread the word!



Jaesu - lovesong

Check out my new Jaesu video! So basically, I used old scenes that I already used in my last two videos Night Air and Truth but I thought this melody also fitted the scenes very well ^^ (I inserted one Jaesu mahalo scene that I found at the end)

a little bit longer

I have worked on the last chapter of the sabre fighter for the past months but the word count has exceeded the 10 K mark and it's still not ending. Hang in there, just a little bit longer ^^

Here is a little lesson in music!

arpeggio: musical term for an accord in which the single notes aren't played at the same time but one after another, like a dissolved accord. The word is derived from the ital. arpa which means harp, in that literal sense arpeggio means the accord should be played harp-like.

Junsu used this term in Intoxication wrongly as aperaggio, so what he was trying to say with "stroke you like an aperaggio" was actually "stroke you like an arpeggio," meaning stroke you like a harp! Smooth and harmonic, hehe

Hey, someone once asked me for the translation of this song so, I thought, why don't you do it yourself and that's what I did :D
It's not a word for word translation (well, sometimes it is) but I made it so you could sing along, meaning the syllables are in sync. Here it is and have fun singing! Only take out with credits please!


Wahh... even Yoosu has a contest now~
Can't we have a Jaesu one, too? Like a "Finish your Jaesu-fic Feast" or something? I swear I'd finish all my open Jaesu stories for it...

Jaesu - Truth Video

This is a video I've been working on since last year and I finally finished it! Hope you Jaesu fans will like it ^^
I took a little bit of liberty in translating the song, meaning I added some words or changed sentence-structures so it rhymed. Apart from that the translation matches the original in every sense ^^ Only take out with credits, please!

html Genie

Ha! Ich hab es doch geschafft, mixpod hat mir einen falschen embed code gegeben :P


ach was solls, es hat mit dem mixpod nicht funktioniert

JYJ in Berlin

Hi guys, this will be a summary before I go to sleep^^
I had a great day in Berlin but the night was the best ever hehe
We left Hamburg in the morning and reached Berlin around one o'clock, that's when we exchanged the ticket certificates with the real tickets, I was lucky since I didn't have to queue anywhere, I was expecting the worst, seeing all the Cassies already at the Tempodrom but it went over smoothly :)
With tickets in pocket we went sight-seeing after that since we still had a little time on our hands, mostly the Brandenburger Tor, Siegessäule, Ku-damm etc.
About five-thirty we drove back to the Tempodrom, it was getting dark and more Cassies/JYJ fans were gathering, saw a lot of Phoenix-girls :)
Some people came even over from Japan, Korea and China just for this event, wow

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winglin grrr

When was the last time you checked your winglin account? Mine was 2010 and guess what happened? They deleted my account, OMG! My. Story. Is. Gone. No wonder I couldn't log in for the longest time! Try hitting the Killing Affairs site, it doesn't work anymore! Luckily I have a copy on my hard drive, now I have to re-upload it... but where?



It's autumn, a time for colds, rain and ballads! Hope you guys stay healthy and enjoy the sound of raindrops hitting your windows :) Songs I recommend for this season:
Fallen Leaves - JYJ
I'll Protect You - Jaejoong
You Are So Beautiful - Junsu
Honey Funny Bunny - Yunho
너를 위한 빈자리 - Yoochun

old songs:
잊혀진계절 - Jaejoong
Beautiful Thing - Junsu
그남자 - Junsu Version
On & On - DBSK
You Only Love - DBSK
하루달 - DBSK

Don't fall into autumn depression, friends! I was reminiscing good old times and rewatched X-Man with DBSK, I had a good laugh and rediscovered some Jaesu moments, hope you will laugh, too, seeing this:

(Jaesu @ 7:33 hehehe, someone needs to make a gif of that scene)

Here is the fruit of my labour:

I made the translations for the song, it was fun and difficult making it rhyme so you can sing along XD
Here's a bit of background information how long it took to make this:


collecting videos: months (lol)
editing and timing: three days
translating in rhymes: one day (please only take out with credits!)
I know I was slow T_T

having fun: all the time

The story updates will follow later


I don't know what I'm writing here but people might find this scene hilarious. On the other hand, my ability to judge might be fogged 'cause I'm sick. So what have I been up to? I've started this project months ago but never really worked on it since some days ago, a film, and I've been collecting a lot of Jaesu videos for it, thank you f-list by the way, so I've been editing for hours and hours since I've got time on my hands, holidays yay. That means you'll be seeing me more often. Okay, I've got to write the end of this scene, see you guys later

recs please!

It's been ages since I've last read a Jaesu fic, are there any good ones lately? Recommendations, my friends?